Sunday, January 11, 2009

Danny Critter's Predictions for 2009!!!

Words of wisdom and predictions from one of the best, TheEe Only, TheEe Danny Critter Himself!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The DannyCritterShow is back and hotter than ever!

If you think you got skills...Ya Don't!!! Watch This...Cause This Baby is Back and Got Back!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Show Cancelled

The Danny Critte Show had been Cancelled due to lack of funding!
See What I Have to Live With?!!
Next show will air tomorrow same place same time!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Alf - Planet Melmac

I was awake and a propos untimely this morning, because it was compulsory to be equipped for the proctoring of the Geology 101 and 435 exams. Yup I TA a 400 level class, a student was asking me regarding the Bowens reaction series, which I’ve never really considered, I didn’t know the answer, but fortuitously, a kid in the class answered it before I could look dim-witted. The freshmen support wasn’t up to par amid what I had formerly premeditated. It predicts that office hours will be substandard. I overcame the gravitational force of the yellows today, 4.5 reps. Gravity can’t weigh me down! My biceps are torn from grave lifting and my gastrocnemius and soleus muscles are tender from a six and a half minute mile dart. I ate a throng of spaghetti today; I didn’t even masticate just swallowed it whole, my gastrointestinal tract near exploded from surplus ingestion. I just started season two of Alf on my computer and they just posted a season three! Alf’s Planet, Melmac, yes like the dishware, exploded because of a catastrophe concerning nuclear bombs. I was not aware that Murt's green ooze could expand to the superficial ranks of the cosmos.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Geology 435 Labs

I've been grading the Geology 435 labs and watching TV, Myth Busters, I don't if it's bad to watch TV and grade labs at the same time, but watcha gonna do? Med made sure that everyone knew that I had to look up the grammer rules of effect and affect. I wrote in my blog and talked to Murt today, he says he's going to drop out of school and move back to Utah. I told Lamar that he's coming back to start my reality TV show so we can make millions, but I only told him that because I read Murt's post on his facebook wall. I also poked Lamar with a push pin in the butt and he screamed like a little girl, I wasn't actually going to do it but it just happened. Pilgrama has been playing World of Warcraft all night and Med has been studying in his room. I get to proctor the 103 test tomorrow, time to find out if there are any good looking girls that "may need extra help during my office hours."

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Danny Critter Show

(This is Critter's "Reality Blog" or life as seen through Lamar's eyes but written as if it were Critter).
Today, I got up at 9:30 am. My roommates were mad because they had to get up super early. I told Pilgram that I had to get up really early because I was suppose to have a group meeting this morning on campus but a guy emailed me last night and told me that if I didn't show up that he would cover it. So morning came and I thought "Oh man, no way this is happening" so I slept in. I read about the atmosphere today, yea prettee interesting. No one saw me come out of my room until noon because as soon as Med went into the shower around ten I snuck out and had breakfast so I wouldn't have to talk to him. I worked out today, Lamar and TheEe Pope showed up late, they are showing up later each day. Pilgrama didn't even show up at all, the guy has missed three class periods already! But it doesn't matter because the teacher wasn't there today and the chick didn't take role. I benched the bar and the yellows, 111 lbs, that's the only thing that TheEe Pope does, the bench. I went to Del Taco later and downed 9 tacos, 5 soft, 4 hard, no Del Scorcho, I don't do Del Scorcho, I can't believe this tradition started by Murt actually lasted! When I got back I was bored out of my mind so I surfed the classifieds on KSL.